Why am I hot and single? The Ugly truth

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I have two friends who have been single for a long time and fortunately, they are now dating and this gives me the right to tell you most of the reasons why they were single and really hot and how they worked on it. So, how did I get to know that the reason they were single is that they are hot? We used to be in the same places, they got the highest attention but it wouldn’t last.

I realized that it was because they are hot that men just wanted to be with them for a short time. They see them as high maintenance because they had to do much to keep them hot. The other thing was that men were always scared that one day they will wake up and leave them (they are insecure that such a hot girl can’t love only them). Many young women because of these reasons have stayed single but there is more to this that I saw and still see from different hot girls out there and that it what we are going to discuss.

1. Your Character doesn’t match your appearance.

Men love women that know are hot but humble at the same time. SO if you are hot on the outside and cold on the inside then you are likely to be alone because no one is willing to have an unpeaceful life just to have the girl. That’s why most men like to hang out with hot girls but date average women. So, don’t be arrogant because you are hot, it might cost you a great man.

2. You are too picky.

It is obvious that everyone wants the 6ft tall physically built up rich kind men and most of us don’t get our hands on the prize. This is dangerously common amongst hot girls, you under estimate the power of an ugly man. You want the table already set because they feel that’s where they belong and that’s where you go wrong. If it was that easy, every hot one would be dating a fellow hot one. You have to understand that you are limiting yourself from getting a nice man out there that can be great.

3. The freedom outside commitment.

You want things done your way because that’s how life has been for you or you hate the rules that come with relationships. Hot girls know that they are hot and so this gives them the ability to think that commitment is not for them. They are used to sitting on train stations and everyone is staring at them like hot cake and so, when they find out that they can no longer go out there to grab that attention, they freak out and want that back. Well, you either get the attention of one man, or you lose him and grab the attention of more than one.

4. Experience in the relationship field.

Most of these girls have dated before or have met several men so they know a lot about someone wants to sleep with them and leave. There is also the ‘ex’ factor. Maybe you have failed to move on after your last relationship. This is not new to them so what happens is that they come to good terms with the fact that relationships aren’t for them and so they’d rather stay alone.

walk away

5. High or low esteem.

You probably think of yourself so high that everyone you meet is way below your standards or you think that you can’t find love and everything that comes with it. Both of these things can make you single for a very long time. Sometimes you have to let go and believe that where you mind thinks is right, is far short of where it is actually right. Thinking high of yourself isn’t as bad as thinking that someone would do you a favor if they dated you because no one will. So, work on your self-esteem and find out where you need to take a step.

6. You have to accomplish some things first.

Most of these girls are smart and focused, they have met lots of people and been in different environments so they know that they have to work to get the things they want in life. This gets them off dating and relationships. You might not be aware but if you are drained in work alot, you might see the irrelevance of dating or being in a relationship.


7. Your friend’s relationships are bad examples.

You probably have hot friends whose relationships have failed continuously and you are shocked that regardless of their looks, they aren’t working it out. so you are scared that yours might end up the same way. That is correct to some extent but it is not the whole truth. Relationships aren’t a piece of cake everywhere and the more you compare yourself to others, the longer you will stay single.

8. You play a lot of too hard to get.

That works at first but you might be hard to get for the rest of your life. These days no one has time to wait for you to get simple. You being hot is a scare for men to approach you than an average woman so if they make an effort to get to you and you seem very hard to convince, then single is for you. You have to be able to allow yourself to give people chance, you never know.

9. You aren’t putting in the effort.

This applies in every aspect of life whether mental, physical or emotional. People won’t find you in your house and ask you out. You have to dress up and show up. It is part of the equation.

Dating sites have created a warm environment for finding relationships easily these days, so sign up to respective sites and get yourself a man.

10. You aren’t 50 yet.

You are likely to look younger than your age if you are hot. This gives you a chance to feel that you are still young to commit to anyone and you can do that anytime which is fine by the way until you start reading articles like this one. You are ready now otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Don’t lie to yourself no more and go out there.

below 50

11. You don’t want to date.

If none of the above applies to you, then you are not ready to date. So, don’t freak over it and naturally live, the man who is strong enough to think they can win your heart, will come.

I don’t know if you are scared that you will die single or if you wanted to know if you are normal but there are several ways you can find a partner and yes you are very normal.

Are you or is your friend hot and single? Are you fine with it? Share with us in the comment section below why you think you are still single despite the fact that you are hot and how you intend to work on it.

10 thoughts on “Why am I hot and single? The Ugly truth

  1. I don’t know what else is accurate if not this Tha you have written here. I understand what you mean here and I have a friend who has about four of this traits. I always tell her that if she doesn’t put a stop to it, she’ll end up not meeting any guy, she snubs men a lot and don’t like going out with people. She would prefer to stay in the house. She sees herself as better than others. This are all bad traits to pick up. I’ll share this post with her though. Nice one.

  2. This is a very good one that you have discussed here. My sister is a very cute lady and before she got married, she used to have problems with men. They thought she’d be too expensive to get  maintain. She didn’t make it easy for the guys too. She had  a few short relationships along the way. But now she’s married though. Do you have a tip for us men to deal with ladies like this. I might have a crush that makes me feel intimidated.

    1. Hey John, am glad your sister finally found herself happiness after all. If you feel intimidated approaching this kind of lady, put one thing in mind. The worst she can do is reject you. She won’t kill you (I mean never fail to approach a girl because she is hot). If she accepts to be with you, be as honest as you can. Don’t put yourself in a position where you want to make her happy with what won’t last like material things. By the time this kind of girl accepts to be with you, they are all in. Just be yourself.

  3. It is a very good and exceptional site to look at. And those are great articles I have seen here. I have also had afew challenges with hot women and I can assure you that it is hard to convince them to be in your life since they are out of your lane. But, I hope they get to read this article and know for real that they might be single for long if they don’t change

    1. Thank you. Feel free to come surf the website whenever you want. About those hot girls, it is more into them to feel finer than others when it comes to being approached by men. What you have to do as a man is to understand that it’s their belief and look for ways to change the way they look at the picture. I hope this article helps them like you said.

  4. Why am I hot and single? The Ugly truth. This reminds me of a college classmate. She has also experienced such a time. She often sees her dating different male students until they graduate from college, and they eventually break up. One day, I asked her, did you find your true love? She said, yes, because I am not so too picky.

    1. Wow that was a short and smart answer she gave you. It means she realised her problem and solved it, then found love. It’s a lesson for all for us.

  5. Hot and single can be a blessing because you might attract an exciting lifestyle. Hot and single might not be a blessing because for long term relationships you might be walking among men who are not sure of themselves and are intimidated by your assets. You are who you are and if you love who you are, whether hot and single or otherwise, you should strategize and live and work towards what you really want. You can’t spend most of your time with insecure men. Go find the right one. Thanks for this discussion.

    1. JJ thanks again for checking out my articles. Yes being hot and single might be a blessing or a curse depending on how you see it.

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