when is the best time to exercise to lose weight fast?

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Most people get confused about which time of the day to exercise to lose weight effectively. I took time to ask a few people about that and most of their answers were varying depending on convenience. Throughout our conversations I realized that most people exercise in the morning and evening and few exercises during day. Generally, exercise has very many benefits regardless of when you do it. To me, it doesn’t matter when I do it, but what and how long I do it that brings in results. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at all three sessions according to how effective you may lose weight and together we shall choose what’s more effective.

Morning Exercise.


Morning Exercise usually goes on between 5am to 8am before eating anything.

Advantages of morning exercise

  1.  Easy routine: It is easier to get up every morning put on your track suit and get on the road. As long as you keep doing it, you will always keep up with your schedule. You have a lot of strength since you are from resting and this provides your body with the energy to run or exercise longer since you aren’t tired and your mind is still positive.
  2.  Freshness and calmness: Morning hours are fresh there is no traffic on the road and there are no people in suits to disorganize your routes for the run. You also get an extra vitamin D from the first sun shine that hits your face. You are likely to get motivated because there are more people running in the morning than evening
  3.  You take control of the day: When you exercise in the morning especially by running, you’ve accomplished something great for both physical and mental strength. This provides you with a positive attitude throughout the day and this supports the mental health of your weight loss.
  4. Food control: After a morning exercise you are likely to take in fruits and carbs for breakfast rather than heavy meals with high calories. This is because you rehydrate a lot leaving small space for light foods. Also, exercise reduces appetite so that’s hitting two birds with one stone.
  5.  Less stress during the day: Exercising especially running reduces stress naturally. And, we both know that stress is something we should avoid while trying to lose weight as it may result in high consumption of weight gain foods and insomnia with its related disadvantages.
  6. Better sleep: Research says you will likely sleep better in the night when you exercise in the morning and this is very good for weight loss.

Disadvantages of morning exercise

  1.  It is not for people with health problems. As much as we say that exercising is good for the heart, you may want to check in with your doctor if you have blood pressure, diabetes and related diseases as morning work outs need a lot of energy after a long night sleep.
  2. Sleeping less: Sleep supports weight loss so, if you sleep less you will contradict with your course so, it is better to sleep well and exercise later in the day if you know your sleep is less than 8 hours.
  3. You have to wake up early: This might be challenging for those that like to sleep in and there is no other way to exercise in the morning rather than waking up early.

Day exercise.

This is exercising during day breaks. You have eaten already.

Advantage of day exercise

Rehydration. After doing a few work outs during day, you will have to take in lots of fluids and this helps your stomach full avoiding taking in heavy meals and a lot of junk during the day.


You won’t exercise enough and for long which will lead to low results in weight loss.

Evening/night exercise

This is exercising after work between 5pm and 7pm, night between 9pm and 11pm.

Advantages of exercising in the evening/night.

  1. You’ll take longer: You have a lot of time after work to exercise and results show faster when you exercise longer. It is obvious that even if you have meetings later after work, the longest and most free time you have is later in the night. You can take as long as you need to.
  2.  Physical Preparation: Your body is already prepared for any activity because you walked a little bit during the day so you don’t have to first warm up for exercise.
  3. Prevents unhealthy habits: When you exercise in the night for weight loss, you avoid habits like smoking and taking in lots of alcohol because you are advised not to. Instead of hitting the bar, you stay home and get on your tread mill, pounds shed off and the rest is history.
  4.  Determines your intake: We are always advised not to take in a lot of food before we sleep and when you exercise in the evening you are likely to take in less. When you exercise in the night an hour after a meal, you will allow your body to easily break down food to produce energy rather than sleeping with your whole food in the stomach.
  5.  Good night sleep: Insomnia supports weight gain in very many ways and when you exercise in the night, your mind will irresistibly rest comfortably providing better results for weight loss.

Disadvantages of exercising in the evening/night.

  1. Crowds: In the evening there is a lot of traffic and people in suits getting off work so you are likely to get distracted while exercising. Also, people who love gyms are likely to have a school to exercise with since few people gym in the morning.
  2.  Temptation: After a long day of work, you may easily decide to rest rather than working out. Additionally, there are always friends waiting for you down at the bar so you may not easily ditch them for an exercise.


Exercising will definitely help you lose weight and will tremendously give you better results if you watch what you eat so, it doesn’t matter when you exercise to lose weight as long as you do it sufficiently. If we both diet well, you ran 30 minutes in the morning and I ran 60 minutes in the evening, who will get better results? You guessed it right. Me. Though exercising in the morning is likely to help you shed off faster and easier because of fewer disruptions and high productivity, exercising in the other times of the day as long as you are committed and doing it right, will sure give you results.

Busy people may choose evening because of convenience. As long as you commit to the process, it will work for you.

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