Top Rated L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike C580 Review

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Two weeks ago, I visited a friend who is a fitness die hard and I saw this authentic bike in her apartment, hopped on it and simply fell in love with it. What hit me first were the colors. I promised myself that I would make more research about it and share with my people the simple experience I got with it and the experience of many other people that have used it for their workouts and fitness.

Product name: LNOW pro indoor cycling bike C580.                                                                               

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Color: steel, black, red

Warranty: 1 year (whole bike)

Dimensions: 49*20.4*41.3In

Weight: 47kg (103.6lbs/pounds)

Drive: Belt

Resistance: Friction

Max User weight: 127kg (280lbs)

Package size: 41.3*9*35In

Shipping weight: 110lbs.

The bike has just hit the market and almost everyone that has purchased it gives it five or four starts and not less than that. So, let’s check out the details of this bike.

The c580 is a friction resistance model, 40lb fly wheel commercial standard, belt drive fitness, cardio training and weight loss bike manufactured by L NOW company. The company has produced durable weight loss and fitness equipment since it started operating and many customers are satisfied with its products.


The bike has moveable handle bars that can move back and forth. This favors people that exercise for a long time. The handle bars are made of steel and rubber making it durable and comfortable to hold even after sweating.


It has a smooth 4-way adjustable seat (up, down, forth, back) with a moderate comfortable cushion that can be easily replaced incase you aren’t satisfied with it. The fact that the seat is adjustable means that it can favor almost average heights approximately 4,9-6,4.

It has an adjustable knob that quickly brakes incase you feel tired or insecure in any way. This minimizes fast accidents and body damage. This knob also supports increment and decrement in pedaling as fast as possible.

The bike has an LCD display monitor that tracks speed, distance, time, pulse and calories. The monitor works on battery so you can put it in battery saver in case you want to use it longer. This means it can work on its own power depending on how long you will take and gets charged up later. The monitor is user friendly so you can select any choice that you want to track and change any time you wish to. It starts to count at the beginning of your workout. It also had an Ipad holder so you can listen to your playlist or watch you-tube videos to keep you off for a while as you work out.


It has a 40lb heavy flywheel that supports reverse pedaling and maintaining momentum within your joints and knees. You can also seat up or stand up while working out. Below the flywheel, there are translation wheels that help in easy transportation of the bike from one place to another.

It is easy to assemble and will take you 40 minutes or less to put it up all together. The instructions are easy to follow and incase you fail which is possible, LNOW has the quickest and most reliable customer care and they will respond as fast as they can.

The bike doesn’t necessarily need lubrication but like any other technology machine you own, check it regularly for safe use and to avoid any accidents. Don’t forget to get a mat to place under the bike otherwise you will mop your sweat on a daily basis. It is a small equipment so rest assured it won’t take much of your home space.

Well it has a few cons too. It has no Bluetooth and the handle bar moves in only 2 directions (back and forth). Nevertheless it is cooler than its price according to the rest of the L NOW products.

Click here to check out the customer reviews before you get yourself an L NOW bike for your safe and easy workouts.

Don’t forget to leave your opinion, questions or experience with this bike below. I’ll respond as soon as I see your comments.

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4 thoughts on “Top Rated L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike C580 Review

  1. Hello Brenda,
    I really enjoyed reading your article. I am not the exercise type, but the way you have written this product review, makes me want to buy it. I like that the bike has adjustable seating, because my height is below average and there are usually problems if things can’t adjust for me. In addition, I enjoy that this machine is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home. Storage is a big thing. Thanks for writing the article!

    1. Hey Caroline
      I’d advise that you slowly start to exercise unless you can’t because of medical issues. Exercises help alot with our bodies and keep us fit. The cycling bike is amazing. I can assure that all the people out there chasing, fitness or weight loss should get one. I stay very far but am getting myself a copy because it is a great item even for lazy people.

  2. After reading this article, I am very attracted to the L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike C580. It seems easy to use and it would fit perfectly into my room even though it is not massive and it is definitely useful for a good workout in the morning.

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