The reasons why you were stood up on a date – the reality

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You have been stood up on a date and you are so confused right now about why you have been stood up. Trust me, you don’t have to beat yourself about it. It happens and you aren’t the first to be stood up.

Several people have been stood up on dates intentionally and unintentionally because of several reasons. Some might look like excuses to you and others like lies but, they didn’t show up.

so, let’s look at reasons why someone would set up a date with you and then doesn’t show up. Any of these could apply.

If you have met him before.


1. Emergency.

He got caught up in a situation that he wouldn’t run away from. Anything can possibly happen, losing someone you love, accidents or getting that extra time call from your boss.

2. Work.

He got off work so late that he couldn’t keep track of your date. It is really possible to have errands that could cost you your job that you need to attend to. 90% of the world are employees and this puts us in a very difficult situation.

3. Traffic.

We have now come to peaceful terms with traffic and it is very possible that someone may come in late because of being stuck on the road.

4. They forgot about it.

We live in a world of technology where there is always something interesting going on with the internet that we personally miss appointments.

5. They didn’t want to show up.

As much as we give excuses over being stood up, the most realistic reason is that they just didn’t want to show up. Though this depends on what happens on what you do after you have been stood up. They might call in to apologize for not showing up and this gives you a way forward.

If you have never met them before.

never met

1. You are different from your profile.

Filters could ruin your love life in ways you don’t understand. You met online but your pictures look very different from who you really are. They could even show up and never recognize you.

2. He isn’t who he said he is.

When you meet someone online they seem to be the dream dates you could ever have. Most of these people show off who they are not and they feel embarrassed to show up because they know they weren’t real in the first place.

3. He is shy.

This might sound vague but he might have never been on a date and is very shy to get on one. Most people that have never been on dates get nervous over thinking on how they will sit for 2 hours talking about how they are happy to finally meet you.

4. They don’t exist.

Online dating is as risky as investing. When you get a great deal, you enjoy the riches from it for the rest of your life, when you land into a scam, you move on from it eventually

Some of these profiles are set up young high school boys just trying to play with beautiful women. So, you might as well consider signing up with a legit and restrictive dating site.

5. They didn’t notice you.

Jerry, one of my friends, told me that they showed up for a date and they didn’t notice that they were around. “I was there for 35 minutes and I thought I was the one who got stood up until hours later when she texted me that I stood her up”. It was hilarious. I got to take her for a picnic date that I had intended to be our second date.

When someone doesn’t show up for a date, don’t freak out and don’t be so emotional about it before they tell you why they didn’t show up. Call them up and ask them why they did what they did. If they don’t contact you for several days then girl you saved yourself a heart break go get some ice cream.

2 thoughts on “The reasons why you were stood up on a date – the reality

  1. There is some excellent advice here. When you are feeling nervous or anxious about the date it is really easy to tell yourself stories and start believing them when there is a perfectly reasonable reason and the date is still on or the person is still keen. Of course with mobiles saying you’re running late shouldn’t be too hard.

    1. Hey Luigi
      That’s why most times I think that people are aware of what they are doing, I mean, you can always take 20 seconds and tell someone what’s going on. Though, sometimes the situation is inevitable and you find yourself being stood up or standing up someone.

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