Simply Keto: The best diet cookbook for weightloss

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There are several ways you can lose weight but the most effective one is dieting. This sis because it is fast and you are likely to maintain that weight for a long time. So today, I decided to make change of plans and bring to you the best book that can change your healthy and weight life story for good.

Book: Simply Keto

About: Health and weight loss

Author: Suzanne Ryan

Paper back: 366 pages

Language: English.

Best place to buy: Amazon

About the Author

Simply keto is a book by Suzanne Ryan who struggled with her weight of 289 pounds for a while. She struggled with her self-esteem and didn’t like how exhausted she felt after doing a little amount of work because of her weight. She turned to a keto diet that she explains in her book and lost over 100 pounds with in a period of just one year. She lost a few more later using the same diet and so, she decided to share what she did with the diet and has inspired millions of people with her story and her recipes.

About the book.

In the book, Suzanne gives advice on the keto diet from the grocery shopping tips to living a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. She gives us recipes for breakfast, main dishes, dessert, snacks, soups, sides and drinks to help with weight reduction. They are all easy to make even for someone new to the keto diet.

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The simply keto is good for anyone willing to lose weight even if they are trying it for the first time. The directions are simple to follow and manage since she tries to make the recipes give you the dream size you have ever wanted. I highly recommend it.

In the comment section below, ask where you didn’t understand and share your experience with the keto diet if you have been on one before.

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