signs you are in a bad relationship-time to move on

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Don’t stay in a bad relationship because you think it’ll get better eventually.


There is no aspect of life that is smooth and gold. But if a relationship is emotionally and physically abusing you, then let it go. Leaving all the other negative effects related with stress over relationships, I always tell people that you can’t live the rest of your beautiful life in an ugly situation.

Sometimes, you may notice them and ignore them, but you are generally disrespecting the value of happiness in your life.

If any of the following is happening in your relationship, it is time to let go.

1. The crazy word.

This is one word that people take for granted. But, if you are in a serious argument with your partner and they call your crazy, you should be ready because that one never comes out once.

They will do it over and over again until you look like one. Someone that loves you doesn’t call you crazy in a serious argument.

you are crazy

2. Comparison.

If your partner starts comparing you to different personalities out there then they don’t value who you are anymore. Comparing you to someone means they would have better had the other person than you and that’s simply shows that your relationship is not going anywhere.


3. Lack of affection.

Affection is the greatest sign of love and want. Without kissing, hugging and sex, there isn’t any excuse that you should give over being in a relationship with someone. Those little things can make you a slave in your own relationship.

lack of affection

4. You lie for them.

Defending your partner in necessary situations is a great response but lying for them makes you the bad one and yes you are becoming the bad one. For example, they don’t show up for family events or meetings continuously, and you are lying to your family that he is on a business trip yet he is not. Girl, you got to move on.


5. Late comings.

Traffic, Right? Yes I know, I have been there before. It is not traffic that delays someone every day to get home to the people they love. Just think about it, would you get delayed by traffic or whichever reason he is giving you, on a daily basis if you badly didn’t want to worry him. Would you try and create time to get home early once in a while for some nice romantic dinner?


Then why can’t he do the same for you if you are amongst his priorities?

6. Over Judgements.

He judges you unnecessarily all the time on very unreasonable issues. It means a lot more than You may know. Blaming you all the time and thinking of you what you are things you won’t be happy about for a very long time.



7. You’d rather be with your friends.

We all have friends that we love hanging around with. But, we also have someone that we love more that we would rather stay with on a nice Saturday evening.

The biggest reason as to why you’d rather hang out with your friends is because you are happier around them than your partner and that’s a clear sign that you aren’t where you need to be.


8. Space.

The main reason as to why people ask for space in a relationship is because they want time to analyze if they can live with or without. Have you ever loved someone that you’d rather spend a week alone than with them? If they ask for space several times, you should use that same space to pack your bags.

its time

9. Unnecessary habits.

People drink due to different reasons. But if you are old enough to be in a relationship, then you are also old enough to know all the negative effects of over drinking. One among those is rising of emotional issues. People tend to show their inner emotions when they are drank and most of those aren’t positive.


10. He doesn’t respect your opinion.

Sometimes you want to be alone or do something valuable on your side and they seem not to understand your point of origin. That’s not a good sign. If someone can’t take your no for an answer, they probably don’t deserve any of your answers.


11. He is unsupportive.

Life tends to be had sometimes, and those times you need your best friend to be there for you. if your partner is not there for you in those situations then you probably need someone who will.


12. Doubt.

A day like today, when you go all over the internet to search if you are in a right relationship or not, is a clear reason that you are not. If you didn’t know that you are in a bad relationship, you wouldn’t be here.

Relationships are tough and if you do all it takes but nothing special comes out of it, then let it go. There are very many times we need to stay and there are times we need to move on. Remember we are not here to stay so, there is no single reason you should be unhappy in a long time.

Don’t forget to ask me any questions about the topic, feel free to discuss with me whatever you have to, I will be happy to help.


8 thoughts on “signs you are in a bad relationship-time to move on

  1. Unfortunately I’ve been in this situation, and actually married into one. I never should have gotten married in the first place. I didn’t want my Dad to lose all of his deposits, which now I find out it wouldn’t have mattered because he didn’t like the groom anyway. After 2-1/2 years of alcoholism, drug abuse, lying, stealing and domestic abuse I left. What prompted me to take this step was someone at work said “if you just take it people will start thinking you like it”. That hit me like a sledge hammer. I just had to remember that I was not a failure, and would bounce back. The signs were very clear, but I was afraid to leave because I didn’t want to let my family down, and I was worried I would have to pay him spousal support because I was the primary bread winner. These were all huge red flags. It all came down to courage, having the courage and belief in myself to take the steps to leave.

    1. Hey Beth
      What you went through is unbelieveably bad but that’s not the point anymore, am glad that you got the courage to move away from such a relationship. Sometimes you just have to choose to be happy. It is the only way. Thanks also, for having the courage to share with us.

  2. Being in a relationship is no easy task but I do wonder, should being in a relationship be an easy task? It should not be too much work to be in a relationship. As soon as it starts being too much work then I think that is a sign that something is wrong somewhere and maybe you guys are not just for each other. That is my personal opinion and the way I see relationships.

    1. Hey Jay, that is a great opinion you have over there and I totally agree with you but, one reason relationships are hard is that nothing nice comes easy. Sometimes you have to give a deaf ear to a situation and sometimes you don’t have to. Many people are in these kinds of relationships and have failed to move on and that is where the question of happiness comes in.

  3. Hi, I found it a terrific experience reading your article.  I thought the multiple sub headings helped to break the post into good questions and made me stop and access the validity of each point.

    I felt that you had researched each point very well, or you have had enough experience personally to write in a very clear manner. I couldn’t see any spelling or grammar mistakes. So well done.

    Nothing to change here.


    1. Thank you Lily, am glad that it all made sense to you. Actually,
      some of those points are from experience. I’ve had a toxic relationship
      before until I woke up one day and called it quits. English is not my
      first language so, I feel relieved when I know that most people
      understand what I write. Thanks again.

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