how to spice up your relationship and keep it long term

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All relationships have one law. Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you are there – the love bits

Love is a feeling and sometimes after staying with someone for a long time, it starts becoming normal and boring as the feeling fades away especially in the current world. It is normal.

Time tends to be less, work becomes tight and sometimes kids come through which is a good thing until the signs of losing on your relationship start to show up. But, there is always a way to fix it and now let’s look at those ways.

1. Get back to the roots.

Look at all the things that used to make you and your partner happy in your first days of dating. Go to the first three places of your first dates and while there remind each other of what you felt like at the time. This brings back the great memories and the love you once lost.

2. Dates.

This is one thing that people take for granted in a relationship and this is a great answer to any relationship obstacle.

On dates, is where you talk about everything that is going on in your relationship. This is when you appreciate each other’s time together and efforts. No matter how old your relationship is, dates will always save the day.


3. Change your schedule.

We all have different types of jobs and this is another thing that is disturbing marriages these days. There is no more time to spend with our partners, but you can create it once in a while. Get a few days of the week and wake up, prepare breakfast, wake up your partner with a passionate kiss on the forehead and serve them. It takes some sacrifice but what doesn’t.

4. Lipstick on the mirror.

Somethings are sexy and intriguing in ways we don’t understand. When was the last time you wrote something with your bare hands to your partner?

Don’t get a pen or paper this time, get your lipstick and write the three word on the mirror with names in it ‘ I love you Micheal’. Of course he knows, but he has never seen in red at least not thrice.


5. Take a trip.

A get out with your partner to places you have never been before is a nice way to get your relationship hot. Taking a trip is not the big deal, what you do on that trip is what’s important. While there, be intimate as much as you can, hold each other’s hands, kiss, laugh, joke around and don’t forget to carry the lingerie.


6. Repeat the vows.

This doesn’t matter, whether you are married or not, there are those words you need to confirm to your partner again.

Choose a time and exchange your feelings through words, it doesn’t matter where you are. This is between the two of you and what’s in your hearts


7. Intimacy.

In a relationship, sex is the most important activity so let it stay that way. Take a shower together and make sure it takes long, try different methods and ways.

There is nothing as short, fast and nice to a man as a quickie. Call him for lunch and get it done with. It always works.


8. Play games together.

Choose games you never play that are really fun. Truth or dare, bet on numerous games, play cards, go for competitive horse riding or swimming. Gamble abit. If religion is in the middle of this, try some other games.

9. Draw.

Drawing with your partner has always been romantic and has never turned out to be bad. You don’t have to be talented to do this, just get the materials and draw each other, have fun with in the session and make sure you keep the pictures for memories

10. Gifts.

Even the coldest partners can tell you, a gift no matter how small it is shows compassion and love.

Get something your partner doesn’t have or that caught your attention and buy it for him. It changes lots of things.


11. Memories.

Look into the pictures you took at the beginning of your relationship.

The world has changed, people no longer keep pictures because of phones. But, get a camera and do what has failed for a long time. Take pictures together and hang them at a particular wall in the house. O, keep them where you will find them.

12. Miss each other.

Choose to do things alone and stay away from the phone as long as you know it won’t make your partner worry but miss you.

ride out

13. A ride out of the city.

The city is never fresh. Just get an evening, pack your bags and drive through the city to a new town that you have never been to. Get lost together, learn new cultures together, speak to other people and involve yourself with the new environment with the one person you love.

14. The sense of touch.

Kiss and hug whichever chance you get. You must always remember how your partner feels like and they must always know that the moment they see you, they feel that they have to touch you. Actions speak louder than words.


It shows passion and affection for the other person.

15. Let them know how you feel.

Love them like you do, tell them every day how precious they are to you and your world. Retell them what you desire about them and why you decided to see them in the first place.

Relationships are about patience and hard work just like any other aspect of life. When you make an effort to keep things great between you and your partner, you will be a percentage closer to winning this game.

What is the hardest among these things that you think you won’t do?. Then do it. Because am sure you have never done it before and that’s why it will help heat up your relationship.


4 thoughts on “how to spice up your relationship and keep it long term

  1. The importance of this post can’t be over emphasized I must say. Most people don’t know the importance of these tips stated here in this post. I have seen so many relationship that fall off the track all because they don’t make time for each other to reflect in some things that can be causing problems in the relationship. Even at old age me and my husband still go on trips and see movies together. These things create stronger bond amongst people in a relationship. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hey Chloe thanks for being here. I agree with the fact that people take relationships for granted. I mean if you won’t be able to fight for it then why do it in the first place. Relationships have never been easy, you have to put in the effort at some time in life. Glad you still do these things in your relationship. You are a testimony to lots of people.

  2. Whao! This is a key to an interesting long lasting relationship. I have grabbed every bit of tips in this review. If all these tips are practiced with sincere heart, nothing can be so amazing than that. I and my hubby have made alot of deep communication while on date. We are able to solve many things that is driving our relationship to an edge of falling apart. We worked it out by creating time for ourselves and enjoy intimacy together. How can one solve a far distance relationship when it is at the edge of falling apart?

    1. Hey Stella, thanks for being here.

      Long distance relationships can be tough and have lots of challenges but it all comes back to the both of you. Are you trying your level best to keep your relationship intact, both of you? or are you doing this alone? The number one thing you have to know is; if you are in this together and you will have to know this through communication. so, if your LDR is having problems, it must be a question of communication. No one keeps communicating with people they don’t care about. If they are communicating to you, then you have to analyze yourself what could be the cause of your doubt and work on it.

      I will write an article about LDR next week so, you will have enough information about it. Thank you.

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