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The fact that you are here simply means you have tried all you can to get over your ex or you haven’t tried at all but you need to listen to someone tell you that one day, you won’t remember him no more. I can assure you that the day will come.

Girl, we get what you are going through right now and it’s okay to hurt so, don’t be hard on yourself. There is no such thing as time will heal, nope. There is no time limit to getting over someone but there is a few things you can do with in the time you are supposed to get over your ex that can help you in the long run.

Today am going to share with you a few ways that I have used personally and some from the people I know that have helped us get over our exes for good.

1. Accept the reality.

The first thing you need to do is to accept that he left and never looked back. And then ask yourself why you are actually looking back for someone like that.

As much as it hurts you to listen to this but the more I sugar quote things for you the longer you’ll hurt. You don’t have to hide from this fact because either way you won’t bring him home.


2. Spend time with friends.

Your friends will always be there for you and the fast that you still have them around you means that you aren’t bad at all of it after all.

People tend to take friends for granted in this situation but they know you better than anyone else and they always want to put you in a better position than you are in. They will do anything possible to make you happy so you better be around them.


3. Focus on you.

Relationships take a lot of our time that we less focus on the things that are developmental to us. That’s why this is a good thing to focus on your career, read those books that you bought and didn’t give time, learn those piano lessons that you have always wanted to.

Focus on things that will build you mentally and physically.

4. Stop blaming yourself.

No one knows what happened except you, whether it was your fault or not, you must know that if they loved you so much, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Every mistake can be forgiven and that’s why you should stop blaming yourself and do something productive.

don't blame yourself

5. Create time and see your family.

It’s time to see the people who genuinely love you. Family will always love and be there for you. So, pack your bags on a weekend and visit your town.

6. Write down why it ended.

Get a book, write down everything that you hated and what stressed you about your relationship. Find out all the possible ways you could have acted right towards those situations.

Then and only then, you will realize that you shouldn’t be missing him.


7. Try a new hobby, something you have never learnt.

When I broke up with my ex, I resorted to running every morning and evening that I wanted to do a few more rounds when I got back home. It helped me relieve my emotions, I ran faster every time I started thinking about him that I didn’t remain with any energy to think about him.

With in 21 days I was so fine, my body felt strong and so was my mind. So, grab a pencil and draw.

8. Get rid of all the reminders.

The pictures, letters and the places you used to hang out should be left out for now. The more you see him around your life, the more he will stay. So work on that.

burn the reminders

9. Don’t talk to him.

Most of the times we get drunk in these situations and text him or stalk their social media. This is the worst thing any woman that is trying to get over their ex can ever do.

Honestly, men don’t hurt quickly over a break up as soon as we do. They take time to feel the impact of the former relationship so he will ignore you and you sure will feel like s….

10. Meet new people.

Find time and hang around new people, do this when you are ready to. Most people In this situation always hurt the people they meet and you wouldn’t want to put someone else in the situation that you have been.

Meet people for fun. You can do this better by joining community clubs and programs.

hung out

11. Have a rebound.

There is that handsome guy that you have always wanted to date, hold hands with or just kiss him. Now is the time. You can tell them to hang out with you now and then.

Focusing on someone new will help you think less of your ex and in no time, you will be over him. And yes whether you like it or not, you will have sex with a different man.

PS: Your rebound must be handsome and fun. Otherwise you will get bored real quick.



12. You’ll be okay.

Remember when you said you’d die if he left? Well, he did and look at you now, all strong and trying to find a way to get over him.

Life can always be tough but the tougher it gets, the tougher we get.

Relationships are beautiful but they have the bad side. You are on the bad side now, but you need to outgrow your emotions. If you believe that you will be fine soon, the subconscious mind will provide all means for you. All you have to do is to act on them.

Don’t forget to ask me any questions or to share with us anything related to the topic because your story could comfort someone out there.

4 thoughts on “How to get over your ex – No sugar quote

  1. Love is one very difficult thing to  handle I must say. Relationship based of true love makes two people  grow really strong bond  for each bother and when your faced with situation where you’ll have to let go, man, its really not as easy as it sounds. Letting go is more difficult in situations where you break up on mutual grounds, maybe became of religion or distance. 

    But truly, these tips  you have  given here would go a long way to help anyone get over their  ex. Thanks  for putting up this wonderful post. 

    1. Thanks Chloe for reading the article. I agree it can be hard most times but we have to try and get out of these kinds of situations on our own. Everything needs an effort.

  2. Wow, thanks  for putting up this wonderful blog post. My daughter have been down and I fear  depression doesn’t get into it, all because she had a break up. Her relationship have been in for almost a year before they started having some differences and had to call it quit. It really nice seeing this post which can be very helpful to her. I’ll inform her about it and hopefully  she will get over it.  Best regards. 

    1. Hey Dane

      Your daughter will be alright, she has to do what she feels easier for her. Break ups are not easy but when you also think about it, nothing is easy. it is just a matter of believing that she can move on. Thank you.

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