Hot Shapers Cami Hot Waist Cincher + Trainer Review

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An hour glass figure is everyone’s dream come true and that is where men get lucky (they don’t need it to look good). Belly fat can be dangerous health wise, physically and emotionally and most of us fight so hard to get rid of it. Truth is, everyone will always have their way towards weight loss whether it is dieting, working out, running, supplementing or fasting. But, you can never know what works for you unless you try. I personally know that all of those methods work if you combine 3 of them together with your doctor or physician.

Waist trainers is another method that can add to helping you lose some inches on your belly. The reason I believe that waist trainers can help you lose weight is, let’s first get it straight. What happens when your body temperatures rise due to the warmth of the outside environment? Excretion of wastes including the unnecessary body fats in the area by stimulating perspiration. In other words, fat burns. Now if you have that clear, let’s move on to our hot shapers waist trainer.

Product name: Hot Shapers Cami Waist Cincher with Waist Trainer

Recommended place to buy: Amazon

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple

Warranty: 60 days (you must provide the certificate of authenticity that is given to you with the product)

About Hot Shapers Cami Hot Waist Cincher and Trainer

The Hot Shapers Cami Hot Waist Cincher is made of Neotex Neoprene thermal technology that helps you sweat and burn fat by increasing your body temperature. It has a thin fabric material that helps you sweat without realizing it.

This provides comfort and extra working out without having the fear of sweat running down your whole body. The cincher also has three row hook to help adjust your belt to the size of your comfort.

The Hot Shapers Cami Hot waist trainer belt provides you with the right to control your belly size by tightening it harder to help you reduce eating alot and have that hour glass shape. You can reduce or increase your size according to your belly.


1. It reduces your belly inches through water weight loss.

2. It burns fat through sweat excretion.

3. It is comfortable and effective.

4. It improves posture.

5. It helps with excretion (removal of toxins) which is healthy for the body.

6. It is lightweight and breathable.

7. It doesn’t bother your daily schedule and workouts.

8. It gives an hour glass shape.

9. You can wear it under cloths for a sexier look.



1. It takes time (approximately 60 days depending on how consistent you are) to see results

2. The belt and the vest are separate.


1. Don’t tighten your belt extremely the first time you wear your hot shaper so that it adjusts to your body.

2. Get the right size and if you are between sizes, choose the bigger one.

3. Don not use the trainer consecutively, give yourself breaks with in your course of belly fat loss.

4. Diet and exercise for better results.

5. Don’t wear it to the point of feeling pain. You may start with wearing it for 2 hours and gradually increase by 2 as time goes on.

6. Get a high quality trainer for maximum results.

7. Contact your doctor, trainer or physician before you start using the waist kit.

Final thoughts

Many people don’t support weight loss through tech advanced or artificial methods and this is because these methods are risky but, what isn’t? The 6 inch stiletto that you wear to work and dinner dates for hours or the ionizing radiation emitted by your smart phone?


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Share with me your opinion about this waist cincher and trainer. If you have questions, drop them below and I will answer them as soon as I can.

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