Do this if you realise you have been stood up.

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It sucks, right? Being stood up has never been nice. It’s when you realise that it cost you hours of your time and buckets of emotions to make up and dress up, you get to the date and actually get him something to drink for when he arrives and then the person doesn’t show up.

I mean, who does he think he is? Well, before we get to that question we have to hold on for a few minutes and find out if they are really not showing up. In the mean time, what is a girl supposed to do?

1. First 5 minutes – order something.

It feels so disrespectful to realize that your date hasn’t showed up 5 minutes after the agreed time and hasn’t called to tell you what’s going on. 5 minutes is still early for you to fume and be mad but you should start preparing yourself for the worst and keep in mind that it happens.

You are definitely looking hot and nice that should give you confidence enough to order for a drink or a snack for the mean time. As much as we both know that you didn’t tell the whole world that you had appeared for a date, deep inside you will always feel like everyone around you knows that you have been stood up, right?

No, they really don’t know so don’t go over your emotions and sip your drink like it’s the only thing you had come for.


2. 10 minutes call him.

Act classy and know what’s going on. People don’t just cancel dates that they have been preparing for, for a long time. So, definitely something is not right at the moment.

If they pick up, don’t ask for reasons, let them tell you what could have possibly happened and whatever it is, whether it is really an excuse, let it go.

Don’t let how you feel ruin what you could possibly have between you two. It is a red flag that you can’t ignore but for now, you have to.

If they don’t pick up then they intentionally didn’t want to show up or they aren’t in position to pick up the phone. Yes, it could be an incident or a situation that they can’t avoid. Sip your drink as you are instagraming or fanning on any social media, then leave or enjoy the night.

call him

3. 15 minutes you have been stood up.

Do not be embarassed about it. You have no idea how many people get stood up on dates on a daily basis. Don’t ghost the situation, make sure you know why the other person never showed up.

This could be a blessing in disguise, they could have possibly broken your heart in pieces if they showed up so, take it easy on yourself. I wouldn’t advise you to get home after you have been stood up, go to the dopest bar around the corner and grab a glass of wine.


Calm your sexy body down and appreciate yourself for not being the culprit in this situation.

Dating these days is tough, there is more to that than being stood up so face it and sip your wine.

All you have to know is that there is a reason as to why someone did not show up for a date and until you know what is going on, do not freak or do anything that will leave the other person in a bad vibe with you. You are beautiful and smart, he missed that.

Tell me your experience with being stood up in the comment section below and how you worked on it or what you could do if it happened. Will be glad to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “Do this if you realise you have been stood up.

  1. Been stood up can be very annoying and painful but as humans,certain things as such are bound to happen.there would always be disappointment and unforeseen circumstances come up when ever they feel like. This post is really amazing and great I must confess, this steps listed here can be calming and helpful, I have once talked to a friend that was disappointed for a date.I gave a bit similar advice and she was okay.

    1. I know Willy, it can be hard especially if you haven’t landed on articles like this one. This is because you think you are the only one going through that situation. But, we have to carry on anyway.

  2. I like your writing voice. It was calming to someone upset but just sassy enough to validate any angry feelings. Perfect! I myself have never been stood up but if I were googling during a moment like that I would be glad to stumble upon this post. I will be looking into reading some of your other work. Thank you! 

  3. It is such a refreshing experience reading a post on what to do when we are stood up especially in a date.

    Personally I am not a fan of being stood up and I basically dislike people who are late , not to talk about stooding one up.

    However, as I learnt over the years as an adult is that we should not hold prejudice against people who stood us up.  In such situations, the best is to remain our own composure that people who stood us up will never understand the preciousness of our time.

    At the end of the day, it is still great to give yourself a treat when you are being stood up.

    Looking forward to another article on your blog.

    1. Honestly it never feels good but I agree with the fact that you shouldn’t feel bad about it after all you weren’t the bad one in this situation.

  4. Hi All Queens, this is a good run through of all the questions that pop up in your mind. What I find interesting is the difference in the questions as the time passes. This is a true description of what happened to me several years ago. There are so many things that could explain a no show and I was glad `I stayed calm throughout the whole ordeal. It turned out that he had a grave emergency in his family and his daughter had mistakenly taken up his phone. After I had arrived back at home he eventually called from the hospital and apologized. I am glad I didn’t blaze-up when I first heard his voice. You got it. Keep calm.

    1. That is what any woman of value should do. Am glad that you kept it together all way through. Actually being stood up sometimes teaches you alot, am sure with that kind of incident, you learnt the best out of it. Keep your emotions positive always, anything can happen.

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