9 Nude Lipsticks for All Skin Tones

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Arggh back to mismatching nude lipstick again? Worry no more. Leave the trending aside, nude lipsticks make you look natural on your easy going days. It is close to difficult for anyone to find a good nude lipstick for their skin tone and color but we tried to select 15 of them that match with absolutely everyone. So, let’s have a look.

1. Marc Jacobs

This Marc Jacobs Nudes sheer gel lipstick is an add on to give your lip alittle more nude color.

2. Ysl

For a cleaner and peace lip, cover it with this YSL lipstick and you won’t have regrets to go nude. It provides a smooth lip experience and moist environment.

3. Charlotte Tilbury/NIB

Your lips will have a natural peach lip color and will shimmer and glow.

4. Bobbi Brown – Nude reality

Seen it anywhere? No? This lipstick guarantees 12 hours of luxurious,glowy, moisturised, smooth and nude color lips. Just made for you.

5. Aaliya

Reviewers are five starring this Mac Aaliya lipstick for it’s tremendous results. Everyone that has used it has loved it.

6. Trish McEvoy

Smooth on the lips and gives a comfortable nude look all way through.

7. Estee Lauder

Reviewers say this Victoria Beckham nude lipstick is a go-forward and lasts longer than expected.

8. Revlon

This nude attitude lipstick will give you a mid glowy lip with a comfortable scent and mode.

9. Mac

This mac is good for all shades and will give you the best nude experience.  You may choose to apply it alone or put a gloss on top.

Click the images to see what people say about the products. Let me know of your thoughts in the comment section below.




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