14 Legit Crossbody Bags for women

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You want your items safe while you are unware you have them on you? Crossbody bags can help you do that. Unlike these other bags that will throw your stuff before you even notice crossbody bags hung in with you. We made a selection of quality and classy crossbody bags that will slide you in events and casual days without ifs and buts.

AQ TIP: The sizes of these bags might look bigger or smaller than the original size so, read through reviews before you choose one or be careful while selecting the size you want because we wouldn’t want you to hold what you won’t love.

Let’s check them out.

1. Lauren Ralph

This black and white both sided patterned bag is lit for any occasion or hung out. It looks cute and sophisticated for any outfit.

2. Rebecca Minkoff

Heading for relaxation at a high class pub or restaurant with girlfriends. This bag is worth it. The single color let’s you put t on with any color outfit of your choice. Most like it for that.

3. Transparent

You may ditch the chain strap when you want. This clear cross bag is preferred for easy out going events like sports or casual hung out with friends. You will have people asking.

4. Prada

You will have to save up for this one but you might pass this on to your grand children. No kidding, it is durable and easy going than it looks. This blue tessuto is lit and expect it to be your timely easy event bag.

5. Vera Bradley

If you love traveling, stop being too hard on yourself and get this piece. It is legit to hold your small items trustfully and has those good sides for an extra cloth or a small bottle of water.

6. Kate Spade

Forget the brand, this small penguin face leather bag can hold most of your small items and if you like to hear people saying “ooow” then you probably will like the attention this bag will give you.

7. Micheal Kors

This Chic MK show alot of class and high level for the one wearing it. the colors are light making you look clean and elegant. You may as well choose this for its durable quality.

8. Kate spade

We searched for a while to get this kind of a bag that is a multi-event bag and will last long with you. This leather bag looks dope and won’t go with what’s trending or not. It is here to stay.

9. Micheal Kors

That time of the month that you want to look legit without explaining it to no one. This blue denim will give you that extreme look without say.

10. ZAC Zac

You can remove the strap for other purposes so, you already have two bags in one. It is slightly bigger than most cross body bags so you may want to check it out.

11. Kate Spade

This bag will hold your phone, your other wallet and your small make up. The rainbow colors are cute on any outfit.

12. Guess

This Guess bag with a designer chain in the front makes it lose the plainness of it. I like the colors since they match with several outfits and it is easy to carry.

13. Masara

This cute and class looking round crossbody bag is a way to go. It is cheaper than it looks and you sure will get the attention

14. Aumi 4 Round Bag

Unique and Stunning, right? This handcrafted round cross bag will get you answering questions. It is a deal breaker for any designer or bag lover out there.

Click the images to find out the other designs, colors and prices for your favorite bag and don’t forget to reach us in the comment section below. we shall be glad.








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