13 Lightweight scarves for women to wear all summer

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When summer hits in, we want to design all we can because it is the right moment for showing off all our lightweight outfits including scarves. We chose from many scarves, a few that you could design your beautiful self with when the right time comes. Let’s see what we got for you.

1. Lake como

This love and floral print is pretty for any outfit if accessorising it with anything is your fear factor.

2. Sara Attali

This beautiful handmade scarf can be used to design your hair. You don’t have to be religious about this scarf because it is created more of it’s design.

3. Gerinly Neckerchief

This skinny scarf is cute and can be also be variously designed. You may tie it to your bag, hand, neck, head or simply let it flow.

4. Organ pleated

This scarf is in very many prints and looks very classy because of its curled edges. You will look elegant with this one. No Bluffs.

5. Steve madden

This plain white metallic mesh scarf is unique and will always be for it’s design. Not boring at all.

6. Calvin Klein

This CK scarf is absolutely nice for any plain color outfit. The print is authentic and am sure you imagine it on a classic woman right now. That’s what brand does.

7. Vince Camuto

This wood rose scarf has great unique paints and the fun accents of the colors make it fun.

8. Your smile

This silk floral scarf has reviewers testifying for its versatility and smoothness. It is bigger and very worth it.

9. kgmeew

This Ancient Egypt print scarf can literally match with any outfit. And, you can put it on for official and non official come-abouts.

10. Ladies’ art

For this small scarf if designing your head or neck with scarves is your thing. Don’t be limited, it has several colours and prints.

11. Anytime

This cotton floral print is for all seasons. You can take it everywhere at all times.

12. Cotton Crinkle

This long large scarf can be designed in different ways. You may wear it as a hijab, a neck scarf, put it on your handbag or just throw it around your arms.

13. Alaza

This chiffon scarf is big for anything. You can use it as a throw on or just tie it around your neck. It is very lightweight so the size shouldn’t scare you.

What’s your favourite scarf? Click the images to see different colours and prints and let me know in the comment section below which scarf you liked the most.





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