12 Signs He Only Wants Sex NOT a Relationship

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How to know if he wants a serious relationship with you or wants to keep sleeping with you.

Most times, it is hard to know if a guy likes you or just wants to sleep with you especially if he is treating you right. Dates and gifts make every body happy and that’s not actually the problem. Every woman deserves that kind of treatment. The problem is when you start to have stronger feelings for them, they start to look like that dream man you have always though about. You start expecting more but because you don’t see it, you get confused. You wonder if you are “there” alone.

The truth is YOU ARE.

By the time you start thinking about how you are doing all it takes to take this “relationship” to the next level, it means you are already trying hard because you are doing it alone, the other person is not into that. He just wants what he wants and will call it quits when he is done with you.

So let’s take a look at the signs that show he is just not into the relationship, it’s just sex.

1. He forgets what you tell him

Men are weird but they aren’t stupid. If he forgets everything you tell him, then he wasn’t really interested in remembering and that doesn’t sound like someone that will keep you. Men listen so well when you got their attention and the only two ways you get a man’s attention is when you are in a short skirt and when he really likes you.

2. He freely talks about sex with girls from before

If he finds it okay to tell you how sexy and hot the girls he used to sleep with in the past are, then he should probably go back and meet them. No offense but, he just needs the sex. Most ladies are shadowed by their own feelings that they don’t think this is a bad thing. They cover themselves with the fact that he obviously met other girls before and yeah! That’s right, you have met other men before or not but do you go on about them in front of him? No. Why? Because that is what we call respect and considering someone else’s feelings. They are a priority and so should you.

3. He doesn’t want to know you

When a man likes you, they want to know what interests you, your friends, family and probably about your future. If he doesn’t want to know, then you are less important to him. They say men are honest but we aren’t listening and I think that’s right. If you don’t listen well, you might know a lot about him than you think. Start with your daily conversations, who do you talk about the most? Him or You? What do you talk about him or you? Am sure you got your answer right. Actually this also goes the other way round. If he doesn’t want you to know him too, then it is just a casual sex-full relationship.

4. He is busiest during day

Okay, with this work environment that we are in, you might think that he is working for the future and the only time he has is nighttime. If you think like that, then you have probably never met a man that really loves you. It takes a minute and a few seconds to text someone and check on them. Am sure you agree with me on that.

5. He moves everything at a faster rate

Men actually know how to control our emotions and they know that we love it slow. But, if his dates are on a daily and he wants things to the next level very fast. He probably just wants to sleep with you. Actually some men may even take it slow to get what they want but they can’t do it for long. In one way or another, if you look at how he treats you when he is with you then you will know he isn’t here for long.

6. He never takes you out on actual dates

Men that like you want to take you on real dates like dinner and lunch. They want to eat with you and listen to you tell them stories. But if all his dates are bar dates or chill and Netflix at his place or yours. Then there isn’t more to that.

7. He won’t introduce you


When a man is interested in you, they’ll introduce you atleast to their friends and but, if he doesn’t have friends when you are around and actually admits that he doesn’t yet he hangs out almost every time then he is avoiding you meeting them. That’s not a good sign. Try asking your close male friends about it, they will tell you. Every man loves to brag about his lady in front of his friends and so if he is hiding you from friends, don’t think he is jealous that they might snatch you from him. You aren’t important enough to meet his friends. And he might actually talk about how good you are in bed. Cold, right?

8. He is too busy for communication

He seems to be too busy for even his own life. Yes he might be a focused gentleman but making last minute plans doesn’t seem gentle to me. He should respect you and your time. I have ever met someone of this kind. All his excuses were on his work. Babe my clients are all over my head and I can’t even get time to take lunch and when I do, it’s never peaceful. For a full month? What was he? The CEO of worldwide clients. And do you know when he would get back to me at 9pm for a “massage” after a long day of awesome work. I left. Am better now. I was just a booty call.

9. He never spends a night

Isn’t this obvious? I mean which man wouldn’t want to spend a night with the woman they like? You guessed it right. One that’s there for sex. If he runs out immediately after you’ve had sex or even doesn’t text hours or days later, he got the cookie and needs only that. Do your royal self a favor and look for better.

10. His compliments are only sexual

Well, you are a smart woman but all he says is “I like your idea of that red dress and how you accessorized it with that ass” or “your tits look clean in that blouse” That is sex talk not a relationship conversation. It is clear that your shoe looks probably better and you think your bag is great too so, why the ass and tits. I don’t find that a man to fantasize about unless all you need is the sex too.

11. He is always angry at your denial for sex

When you aren’t in the mood for sex or just wants to cadle, he gets angry over it. Also, he doesn’t want you to be around him when you need emotional support because he is not here for emotions and “boring” relationship conversations. It not compulsory to have sex when you don’t want to, so if his way doesn’t match yours and he is not fine with it, then why the heck are you there.

12. He acts like a spy

You can’t sleep over at his place, something always comes up. May be a chill-out with ‘the boys’ and when you get a chance to sleep over, he doesn’t want you to leave anything at his place. You can’t be free at his home because you can’t touch anything without his approval. He thinks you are careless if your earring drops and gets lost in his bedroom. If you still don’t get it, let me explain it to you. You won’t get no relationship.

I like women for one thing, We are smart and can easily detect red flags. The only problem we have is we don’t act on them. We give a chance to the other stupid voice that says, maybe he hasn’t started trusting me yet or maybe he’s been through alot and literally just wants to take sometime. Nope. He just wants sex.

Have you seen these signs before, tell me what you did in the comment section below. If nothing like this has ever happened to you, give me your opinion about the topic. I’ll be glad to hear from you.

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